How do I get my device code?[edit]

A: To recover your device code, you will need to log in at the Login area. To do this, go to the Active911 website and click on the 'Login' link at the top of the page. Your username will be your email address; if you need your password reset, just leave the password field blank, and a new one will be emailed to you. This password link is a one-time-use link, so if you need a new one sent, just leave the password field blank again.

You can access a video with these instructions here.

How can I be added to more than one account?[edit]

In order to set up your device on multiple accounts, you will need to get the device code from your primary account/department and supply it to an admin on your secondary account/department to register as a multiple use device on their account. If the admin does not know how to do this, please have them contact us. You can also find your own device code on our website by following the instructions above.

What is the cost for Active911?[edit]

The only cost for the Active911 system is based off the number of devices. The standard rate is $14.00 per device per year. There are bulk discounts for agency subscriptions. A full breakdown of the rates is available at: Pricing.

How do I pay for an Individual/Personal Subscription?[edit]

In order to purchase a personal subscription, please go to the Active911 website to Login. Enter your email and password. If you do not have or know your password, leave the password field blank and select Go. This will send you a new password link to your email. Once logged in, you should see your device listed with a blue Fix Now for $14.00 button. If you see your device, but not the button, refresh the page.

What is a Primary Account Contact?[edit]

A Primary Account Contact is the primary administrator on an account. Since we allow an unlimited number of admins to be added to an account, we ask for one person to be identified to be notified of Agency Renewals and to send receipts to for check payments. For more information about this and how to become the Primary Account Contact, watch our YouTube video.

What is the Difference between Foreground GPS and Background GPS?[edit]

Foreground GPS is the default setting that enables your GPS location to be shared with other members when you are in the Active911 app. Background GPS enables others to see your location even when the app is not open on your phone. For more information on this, please visit our Blog.

How do I get a password reset?[edit]

To generate a new password, please go to the Active911 website. Go to the Login section. Enter your email as the user name and leave the password field blank. Select Login and a password reset email will be sent to the email address you provided.

What do I do if my Android device is not getting alerts or is showing disconnected?[edit]

First, you can try this quick trick within the Active911 app:

If that doesn't work, here are some other things you can try:

If none of these help or if you would prefer to talk to work with someone directly, please contact support.

What do I do if my iPhone is not getting alerts or is showing disconnected?[edit]

First, check to make sure your notifications are turned on. You can do this by going to your phone Settings > Notifications > Active911 > Allow. If anything was turned off, please go back into the Active911 app and re-enter your device code.

If that doesn't work, here are some other things you can try:

If none of these help or if you would prefer to talk to work with someone directly, please contact support.

How can I remove/delete Map Data from my account?[edit]

You will need the Edit Locations Admin/User permission to do this.

Map data can be individually deleted or deleted in bulk. To delete them individually, once logged into the online account under the Map Data tab, you would select the point you want to delete. This will bring up an Edit Location box with a Delete button in the bottom left corner. 

To bulk delete map data, you will select the Bulk Edit option on the Map Data tab. This will bring up a Bulk Edit Location box where you can choose what color and icon you want to have removed in the From section. To delete, leave the To section as Delete Orange. This is the default. Select submit when you are ready. It will ask you confirm before finally removing all the points of that color and icon.

How can I share map data?[edit]

In order to share map data, you will need to be a user on both accounts with at least the "Edit Locations" permission. Once you are both accounts, you will go to the Map Data tab within the account you want to share the data from and there should be a "Share Map Data" button. You will select this and choose which departments you want to share with. If this is not showing, please make sure you have been added under both accounts with the same email address.

Why am I getting General Alerts?[edit]

If you see alerts coming through as General Alerts, this is a result of our system not being able to recognize the format of the information being sent to the alert email address for your account. However, we can fix this! Please contact us at your earliest convenience and let us know you are getting alerts like this so we can make adjustments accordingly.